Le Quest Location Map

Positioned in Bukit Batok West Avenue 6, Le Quest will be very accessible to everything, from schools and malls to hospitals and parks. The green neighbourhood gives a calming sensation to homeowners as they stroll around the scenic surroundings nearby. Several family-friendly amenities such as swimming complex, national parks, and picnic areas are also within the locality. For the education of your kids, there are also several schools around the block, from primary down to tertiary.

Aside from the several proximate educational institutions, entertainment hubs like shopping malls, cinema, and the like surround the entire vicinity. The West Mall, which is filled with retail shops and restaurants, is just a ten-minute walk from your residence. There are also speciality stores, cafes, cleaning services, and a nearby cinema, for a more fulfilling weekend. And if you want a more panoramic treat, head on to Bukit Batok National Park, a historical site in the town that features a captivating lake and some towering cliffs. The place is a nice spot for those wanting a nature retreat without breaking a sweat, and the bank.