Le Quest Site Plan

During the earlier years, Bukit Batok is widely known for quarrying and farming. It was a quiet town in the west with so much undiscovered beauty. And when its natural charm began to unravel in 1975, the once secluded and silent town became a very appealing residential estate. Today, the region is the home for many residents wanting a scenic and secluded living with touches of convenience and comfort. And being the site of Le Quest, the town will definitely unfold into a more striking spot for people in need of a home.

The development is nestled in the beautiful Bukit Batok West Avenue 6, where historical and natural roots are still visible despite the modernization. The lush surroundings, together with the exciting establishments and suitable amenities, create something beyond the norms of a real estate development. And that’s what Qingjian Realty is all about— providing homeowners with the best of the bests.